Mother of 2 Josephine from Chislehurst

I joined Four Seasons in March 2013 as I wanted to lose weight after having my kids. I never expected the fun, friendship & support that has come out of the experience. The club encompasses people from all walks of life and all fitness levels. Along the way I have made some lovely friends and really enjoy the social aspect that it brings. The sessions are challenging and fun in an environment that supports and encourages everyone regardless of ability.

It's a place I really look forward to going to every week. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Kellie Bardens from Bexley

Firstly as a new member I remember thinking that everyone must have known each other for years as everyone gets on so well. However very quickly I got chatting to the other members and realised that boot camp is made up of a group of really friendly like minded people.

Within 4 weeks of joining boot camp I saw positive results in my body and my fitness levels slowly & steadily got better. I have lost over a stone and countless inches but more importantly my fitness is now better than ever and I really enjoy each session.

I would (and do) recommend four seasons boot camp to anyone who wants to make a positive change, challenge themselves and have a lot of fun.

Sarah Tuffin

I first joined boot camp to get fitter for a 10km run that I had signed up for but quickly realized the benefits of the sessions. Not only has my fitness improved beyond my expectations, but I have also dropped 3 dress sizes! After attending boot camp for a year, I was able to train and run the London Marathon this year, something I never thought I would be fit enough to complete. I am fitter, stronger and more toned than I have ever been. All of Ben’s sessions are challenging but everyone keeps each other motivated to keep going and with each session being different – there is no chance of getting bored of the same routine and I have made some great friends along the way!


Richard wanted to lose weight fast and dedicated himself to 3 boot camp sessions a week and the Four Seasons healthy meal plan. He lost over 6 stone in 5 months!!

Buki Lebile, Mother of 4

I started realizing I was getting out of control when I'd buy a dress at the store and a few weeks later it'll not fit. Did the gym thing first as I had done it a few years back but the weight was not moving and i wasn't really motivated. So this is me at 13.5 stone in November 2012 feeling like shit and looking for something, anything to woop me back into shape. Came across Four seasons boot camp and called Ben. Best phone call I ever made. I've lost 2.5 stones and made loads of friends in the process. Everyone is really nice and really support each other. It's hard but never boring. If I'm really honest the hardest part is not turning up for bootie.

Pat Brown

I started with Four Seasons Boot Camp to lose at least 2½ stone and increase fitness levels. Having never really exercised before, the boot camp was a huge wake-up call! Ben gave excellent advice on maintaining a sensible diet, not only on what to eat but when to eat taking into account your training regime. I have been trying to do the boot camp at least 3 times a week and over the first 3 months I lost almost 1½ stone and my fitness levels have increased no end… still a long way to go though.

There is a great camaraderie between the "boot campers" all helping each other along and offering encouragement when needed, great atmosphere.

I would highly recommend Ben and the boot camp!


I joined Four Seasons Boot Camp to lose weight and get my confidence back, I have done both but you get so much more than that at Four Seasons. I've made so many friends as every one is so nice and welcoming : )

More testimonials

I joined four seasons boot camp because I needed some motivation to help me lose the weight I had gained after giving up smoking, I also saw the difference it made to a friend of mine who goes who I had not seen for a while and could not believe how well she looked. My goal is to achieve the look and fitness I want to be for my wedding next year, to lose weight and tone up (my stomach mainly).

The Trainers are very good at pushing you to your limit and keeping you focused and everyone is very friendly. I have definitely noticed a difference in my fitness level and have lost weight and feel more toned since joining.

Ashlie Morris

I always have fun and work so hard, it's such a challenge and leave feeling like I've had a thorough workout. The people are friendly and welcoming. It's varied with no 2 days being the same, no excuses that it's boring like the gym use to be for me.

So if you want to get fit and have fun...I would definitely recommend "Ben at Four Seasons Boot camp" for a professional and quite unique personal service, including emails of healthy eating plans and motivational tips.....#moneywellspent

Elizabeth Turner

Thanks to Four Seasons Boot Camp, I can wear some of my 'old' mini skirts, and favorite pair of jeans & trousers!

Ansonette Swart

I started boot camp initially out of curiosity and then it became an enjoyable outlet for me to focus on something positive, just for me.

Francesca Coombs

Four Seasons Boot Camp is great for me and has really helped me slowly get back into fitness.

Over the last few years I’ve suffered from stress & anxiety and definitely found that the training helped alleviate that.

I can clearly see how I’ve improved especially in my core strength. I am a long way off being the fittest one at the club but I know that I’ve improved and the fitness definitely helps with any stress that I may have.

I’ve made lovely friends, all of them have the same attitude and everyone motivates each other.

Nikki Kite

I was worried everything was "going south" as I hit my fifties! Looking for motivation, I joined Four Seasons Boot Camp 4 months ago and have noticed such a change in my body tone and overall fitness. Four Seasons is fun, friendly and it works! I wish I’d joined long ago instead of spending hours at the gym.

Tina Leffen

Having been a regular member of Four Seasons Boot Camp for the past 18 months and the wrong side of 40, I can honestly say I am feeling fitter and in my best shape for years. I've lost weight, inches and body fat which I attribute to consistent, challenging and fun training sessions but also can’t under estimate the camaraderie and support of my fellow boot campers in achieving these results.

Andrea Walker